The future of cannabis is unbelievable!
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Paul Chu, Founder - CEO

  • Seasoned consumer, technology, mobile products inventor, and entrepreneur

  • Founder Urban Wireless, 1st USA Prepaid mobile service (successful exit to T-Mobile)

  • Co-developed Monsters Beverage, a spin off from Hansen’s Beverage

  • Owner and Developer for Johnny Rockets NYC

T: 917.770.8888

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Paul Gillespie, cO-founder - CDO

  • Expert clinician specializing in phytocannabinoids

  • Created and formulated products for General Hemp, Cannalife, Cannaway, CannaCandys, Hemp Meds, CannaMedibles

T: 619.674.3241

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Karl Schmieder, Co-founder

  • Launched Januvia, Lucentis, Risperdal and multiple biotech and synthetic biology companies

  • Founder, messagingLAB, a leading strategy and marketing firm for life sciences companies

  • Award-winning writer and co-Author "What's Your Bio Strategy?"

T: 646.518.3392

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Brett jesse Greene, Co-Founder

  • ICO specialist, advising convergence of data, cannabis and crypto currencies and blockchain bechnologies.

  • Inventor, entrepreneur, director of strategy and drug reform activist

  • Research administrator, Center for Drug Discovery, Northeastern University



Lelehnia Du Bois, Co-Founder

  • Lifelong cannabis advocate and company advisor 

  • Humboldt County Medical Grower during CA prop. 215

  • Founder California Cannabis Voice & Humbolt Grace

T: 707.672.4254

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Anthony Hunter, founding advisory board

  • CFO, $400M Venture Capital firm for life sciences and specialty pharmaceuticals

  • Chief financial and operating officer for a $50 million global software and professional services company serving pharmaceutical and life sciences companies

T: 914.475.2119 Mobile

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John A. Mackay, PHD, founding advisory board

  • Inorganic chemist focused on the synthesis of cancer fighting compounds

  • Former senior director strategic technologies and product development, Waters Corporation

  • Widely recognized as scientific expert in sub- and super-critical fluid for extraction and chromatography in the botanical space

  • Founder, Synergistic Technologies Associates, LLC

T: 774.462.8363 Mobile